Some of the initiatives we're working on to support this priority.

Maintain a DfE design system

Develop and maintain a centralised design system that includes common UI components, design patterns, and templates.

Ensure these are easily accessible and well-documented to reduce design redundancy and maintain consistency across products and services.

Tool standardisation

Equip designers with standardised tools and software that integrate well with the design system, for example Figma library and templates.

Procure a tool for service and user experience mapping to build knowledge, visibility, and awareness of product and service lines.

Training and personal development

Provide training to keep design teams up-to-date with the latest tools, technologies, and practices.

Ensure that designers are proficient in using the design system and aware of any updates to components or patterns as they are introduced or updated.

Feedback loops and iteration

Establish clear feedback loops and channels for continuous improvement of the profession, priorities, tooling, and design system.

Carrying out regular design reviews, usability testing, and feedback sessions for refining components and adapting the design system to user needs and technical changes.

Documentation and guidelines

Maintain documentation and clear guidelines in the design system.

This covers design principles, standards, accessibility guidelines, and best practices to ensure consistency and ease of use for new designers.