DfE Frontend V2 is now available

The new frontend package contains additional styles, components and patterns for services specific to DfE.

If you're using dfe-frontend-alpha we've created an update guide for you to move to version 2, and the new dfe-frontend package.

DfE Frontend

DfE-specific styles, components and patterns to extend the GOV.UK Design System.

Standards, guidance, and support

Design Standards

Find out about the work we're doing to create design standards for DfE products and services.


How the DesignOps team support teams across the department with standards, good practice and building common tools.


Design plays a key role in ensuring services are usable and accessible by everyone who needs to use them.

Design priorities

Read more about our design priorities

Build capability across the department

People, recruitment, and capability based pay.

Raise standards across all DfE services

Developing accessibility and design standards, and frameworks.

Increase productivity across delivery teams 

Components, patterns, and the DfE design system and DfE frontend.

Quick tools

How many people?

This tool helps you estimate how many people might have a disability, impairment or other characteristics which might use your service.

Should your product be on GOV.UK?

This tool will help you to determine whether your product should be on, or connected to, GOV.UK and whether it meets the GOV.UK proposition.

Check your product