User-centred design in DfE

A framework of principles, guidance, and standards to enable and support teams to deliver joined-up, effective, user-centred services for users of Department for Education services.

  • Accessibility

    Ensure that DfE services work for everyone

  • Design

    Build consistent, accessible user interfaces

  • Content guidelines

    How to write for digital DfE services

  • Professions

    Design professions in the Department for Education and what we do.

  • Community

    Communities of Practice and professions in DfE

  • Design Ops

    How the Design Operations team support design professions in DfE


The manual is maintained by the Design Ops team. If you've got a question or want to feedback, you can get in touch.

Design Histories

Use the new service to publish and maintain a design history for your team and service.

Find out more about design histories

Additional guidance across DfE

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