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Understand how to ensure we design consistent services for Department for Education users.

GOV.UK Design System first

If you are building a digital service, you must use the GOV.UK Design System as a starting point for all DfE digital services.

If something isn't in the Design System, check the Design System backlog to see what others have done before.

Before starting to build anything custom or new, ask what others have done in the following Slack channels:

You can also contact the design ops team for advice and guidance.

Contributing back to the GOV.UK Design System

If you create or amend an existing GOV.UK frontend component, you must also contribute the change back, along with evidence and research to support the change.

Branding your service

If you are designing a service which isn't intended to be provided on GOV.UK or domains, you should follow the branding standards guidance.

Updated: January 2023

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