Community - Community overview

The user-centred design community in the Department for Education

Our communities of practice are crucial to growing the maturity of design in DfE, and support the following professions:

Our communities of practice is led by the Head of Profession for Design, who is Andy Jones.

Protected community time

Within the digital user-centred design professions, we have protected community time.

This means every Thursday afternoon from 1pm, is dedictaed to improving the design profession. This might include: professional development, skills sharing, workshops, training, or running show and tells and community meetups.

Find out about community meetups and regular show and tells we run in the design community.

Community objective themes

Our community objectives align to the design ops model. This means the work we do in our communities of practice help to improve:

  • how we work together
  • how we get work done
  • how our work creates impact

Read more about the themes we're working on.

Updated: January 2023

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