We run a survey every September which asks several questions about how we're doing in the design profession, how well it's supported, funded and understood.

We use the Nielsen Normal Group - User Experience (UX) Maturity Model to understand maturity.

UX Maturity Model
Level Maturity Description
1 Absent UX is ignored or nonexistent.
2 Limited UX work is rare, done haphazardly, and lacking importance.
3 Emergent The UX work is functional and promising but done inconsistently and inefficiently.
4 Structured The organization has semisystematic UX-related methodology that is widespread, but with varying degrees of effectiveness and efficiency.
5 Integrated UX work is comprehensive, effective, and pervasive.
6 User-driven Dedication to UX at all levels leads to deep insights and exceptional user-centered–design outcomes.

How we use the results

We use the results to inform our priorities for the design profession and prioritise inititatives.

As a result of running the survey in previous years, we have:

  • changed how we get details of training needs
  • created working groups to collaborate on cross-profession epics
  • created a design profession strategy
  • enabled digital teams to share their work in the open with design histories