Tools we use

These tools are approved for use. Find out how to request access to these tools if you need it.

Design and development tools

Cloud platform hosting. See additional guidance for using Azure.
Azure Data Studio
IDE for querying and managing databases
Figma and FigJam
Prototyping, workshop boards, diagrams, and wireframing
Source code hosting. See additional guidance for using GitHub.
Service for checking the quality of content and readability
Prototype hosting. See additional guidance for using Heroku. Don't create your own account.
Monitoring and logging for websites and applications
Microsoft Clarity
User experience tracking and usability monitoring.

You will need to set masking to Balanced or Strict and only implement Clarity script after cookie consent has been given.

Digital service for user journey mapping and service blueprints. Speak to DesignOps for more information.
VS Code
IDE for code development

Work and task tracking

Cloud service for documentation alongside Jira
Cloud service for managing projects and tracking work
Task and work management

Collaboration and communication

To request access to or licences for these services, use the form pinned to the #digital-tools-support slack channel.

Jam board included as part of Figma licence.
Lucidspark and Lucidchart
Online collaboartion, whitboarding, and diagramming.
Microsoft 365 Suite
Full suite of Microsoft products and services
Messaging and discussion channels
Tool for capturing questions in online events

Research activity

Online calendar
User research session recoding
Usability testing service
Optimal Workshop
Online card sorting

Tools that cannot be used

These tools have not been approved in the Department for Education and must not be used by internal staff or contractors.

Requests to use these services will not be considered.

G Suite
Google account with docs, drive - no longer available
Content readability service. Use Hemingway
Online whitboard and collaboration. Use Lucidspark or FigJam
Prototyping and graphics. Use Figma

Requesting digital tools access

You can request access to tools and enquire about new tools on the Digital Tools Support (internal only)

Quick tools

How many people?

This tool helps you estimate how many people might have a disability, impairment or other characteristics which might use your service.

Should your product be on GOV.UK?

This tool will help you to determine whether your product should be on or connected to GOV.UK and whether it meets the GOV.UK proposition.

Check your product