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The Design Ops team support designers across the Department for Education.

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We support the following user-centred design professions across the department:

  • Content design
  • Interaction design
  • Service design

What we do

We support designers with:

  • process and continuous improvement initiatives
  • working across services to identify and publish common components and patterns
  • creating tools and services to improve design processes
  • raising awareness and understanding of design and accessibility in DfE
  • support teams with accessibility queries and creating accessibility statements

How to contact the Design Ops team.

The team

As a multi-disciplinary team, we identify process improvements, support the creation of common components and patterns, and ensure designers have the right tools and services to do their job.

  • Picture of Adam Dumbell, User Researcher

    Adam Dumbell

    User researcher

  • Picture of Andy Jones, Head of Design

    Andy Jones

    Head of Design

  • Picture of Callum Mckay, Delivery Manager

    Callum Mckay

    Delivery manager

  • Picture of Kerry Lyons, Content Designer

    Kerry Lyons

    Content designer

Updated: December 2022

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