The conformance of your service is required to be stated in accessibility statements so it's important that it's correct. You should use the WCAG evaluation methodology when auditing websites and services.

WCAG-EM audit and reporting template

Evaluation methodology

  1. Scope of audit

    The name and areas of the website to be audited, for example:

    • all pages in the user journey to apply for a bursary
    • all pages under

    Scope also includes the WCAG version and conformance to be tested.

  2. Understand the website

    Review pages in the website and identify any web technologies to test. Including:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • ARIA
    • JavaScript
    • SVG
    • PDF
  3. Define the sample

    List all the pages to be tested based on the scope.

    In addition to the pages to be tested, also select a random sample of 5 pages that are not part of the main journey to test.

  4. Audit the website

    Audit each page against each of the success criteria for the selected WCAG version and conformance level.

    Record findings for pages tested

  5. Report findings

    Generate and publish report identifying risks and opportunities.

    Use the DfE audit report template to conform to reporting standards.

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