Develop your prototype skills

We're working on a training programme for developing skills with prototyping.

Learn at your own pace

  • Online modules which you can follow at your own pace.
  • Suppport in a dedictaed community where you can share with other learners.
  • Live module sessions where you can learn-along as a group.

What you'll learn

  • You'll learn from designers with years of experience.
  • From the start you'll build a fully functional product.
  • You'll learn using the latest version of the kit and frontend components.

Basic to advanced

  • Setting up your device and installing the kit.
  • Complex routes, versioning, and working with the session.
  • Using GitHub, hosting and automatic deployments.
  • Integrating API's and databases.

Get involved

We're looking for people to test the new service as a beta .

As it's a beta, we'll be limiting access to a small number of people with email addresses.

Contact DesignOps