Learn and develop new design skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the design professions in the Department for Education.

Develop your Figma skills

Figma is the design tool we use in the Department for Education.

Here you can find tutorials, guidance, tips and tricks for getting the most out of Figma and develop your skills.

Coming soon

We'll soon be launching a series of training modules to help people understand and learn more about design.

Example modules

  • Design 101

    The basics of user-centred design. including tools and methods for designing good services.

  • Products vs Services

    Understanding the difference between a product and a service.

  • Working in the open

    What it really means to work in the open and to talk about, and share your work.

  • Service maps and blueprints

    Mapping your products and services strategically and how it helps understanding.

  • Running a good design crit

    How to run a crit to get feedback on your work and spot problems.

  • Inclusive design

    Why inclusive design is important, and how to embed it right from the start of a project.

How many people?

Understand how many people who might use your service might have a disability, impairment, and view demographic information about users in the education sector.

Use the calculator

Develop your prototype skills

We're working on a training programme for developing skills with prototyping.

From basic skills to more advanced features.

You'll learn how to set your device up, connect with services like GitHub and Heroku, through to integrating API's and databases.

Learn more about developing your prototype skills