Typographic styles

These styles are the same as the GOV.UK Design System typography examples. They are here to demonstrate how the Inter typeface is applied to core GOV typography styles.


Sample Class
XL heading govuk-heading-xl
Large heading govuk-heading-l
Medium heading govuk-heading-m
Small heading govuk-heading-s

Headings with captions

Sample Class
XL captionXL heading govuk-caption-xl
Large captionLarge heading govuk-caption-l
Medium captionMedium heading govuk-caption-m
Small captionSmall heading govuk-caption-s


Sample Class
Body govuk-body
Large body govuk-body-l
Small body govuk-body-s

Text modifiers

Sample Class
Bold govuk-body govuk-!-font-weight-bold

Font size modifiers

Sample Class
Size 80 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-80
Size 48 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-48
Size 36 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-36
Size 27 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-27
Size 24 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-24
Size 19 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-19
Size 16 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-16
Size 14 govuk-body govuk-!-font-size-14