Rules for using our logo

To emphasise our logo, you should only use it:

  • online or in print where the audience is already familiar with our services
  • on a white background or on top of an image and never on a solid colour background
  • in pink and never changed to a different colour
  • in an area clear of other graphics with an exclusion zone that has a width equal to the height of the capital N in the logo

Maximum height

Use our logo with a maximum height of 25mm.

Minimum height

Use our logo with a minimum height of 10mm or 35px.

Use with other logos

If you're working with a third party, such as for an event, it may be appropriate to use their logo as well as ours.

Our logo should always appear in the top right or bottom right corner of the layout and must never be smaller than the other organisation's logo.

If you produce any branded material with another organisation, you must send it to us to approve by emailing

Download our logo

You can download and use our logo as long as you follow our guidelines.

Download the National Careers Service logo (PNG, 57kb)

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