Our design goals

Our 4 design goals are central to our commitment to designing inclusive, accessible, usable services.

Goal 1


Raise the standard of accessible and inclusive design across the department.

Initiative Progress
Recruit accessibility specialist In progress
Develop an accessibility standard and framework Started
Implement the accessibility framework through guidance, compliance, assurance, and reporting Started
Able objectives for leadership and design In progress
All staff to have accessibility training Not started
Goal 2


A consistent approach to recruitment and onboarding for design professionals with clear objectives for professions and community.

Initiative Progress
Establish a working group to deliver initiatives for this goal In progress
Publish updated job descriptions for all design professions and roles In progress
Profession objectives that support learning, development, and design maturity Started
Develop and implement a consistent interview process for design professions Not started
Design and implement a consistent onboarding process for permanent and contingency staff Not started
Goal 3


A Design Standard for implementing consistent content design, service patterns and components in digital products and services.

Initiative Progress
Establish a working group to deliver initiatives for this goal Complete
Establish a working group for content styles Complete
Develop and publish a frontend design system for DfE services to use In progress
Publish a framework for designers to assure design work at different phases Started
Publish and implement improved guidance for designers assessing services. Not started
Goal 4


Mature the design profession around a framework of guidance, principles, good practice, learning and development.

Initiative Progress
Run, evaluate, and publish design maturity survey results for September 2023 Complete
Ensure all designers have access to learning and development opportunities for their profession In progress
Support and implement capability based pay framework into priority groups In progress
Develop and implement skills bootcamps and tools for design learning In progress