To be included in the DfE Design System, a pattern or component should:

    • either be currently used or potentially useful to multiple DfE services
    • meet a known user need
    • not be part of the GOV.UK Design System or on the roadmap for development

    You should also check if someone else has already suggested your idea or something similar on the Github backlog.

    Add a ticket

    If your idea is not on the list, and meets our guidance for the DfE Design System, add a ticket. You can add to either the Github backlog or the components and patterns Trello. If you submit a component or pattern to Trello, it will automatically appear on the Github backlog.

    What to include

    At this stage, you just need to present your idea and evidence of the user needs. You can include screenshots or links to versions of the component or pattern in use, but avoid spending time working on a specific design or writing code.

    What happens next

    The Components and patterns working group will discuss your proposal. If they think it is something that should be added to DfE design system, they will publish it.

    More information

    If you’ve got a question about the DfE Design System, contact the Design Ops team.