We measure our maturity against the Nielsen Normal Group - User Experience (UX) Maturity Model. We run the survey every 6 months in March and September.

The 6 maturity levels are:

Level Maturity Description
1 Absent UX is ignored or nonexistent.
2 Limited UX work is rare, done haphazardly, and lacking importance.
3 Emergent The UX work is functional and promising but done inconsistently and inefficiently.
4 Structured The organization has semisystematic UX-related methodology that is widespread, but with varying degrees of effectiveness and efficiency.
5 Integrated UX work is comprehensive, effective, and pervasive.
6 User-driven Dedication to UX at all levels leads to deep insights and exceptional user-centered–design outcomes.

We ran the first maturity survey in September 2022. This gave us a baseline measure and to identify any areas we need to focus on immediately.

You can view more details of the results by clicking on a month.

Summary results
Survey period Maturity score Responses
September 2022 3 41
March 2023 (breakdown coming soon) 3 57