Content guidelines - Content guidelines

How to create clear and consistent content for digital DfE services and guidance.

How we work

We follow the GOV.UK Service Standard (opens in a new tab).

Content designers work closely with other user-centred design professions to meet these Standards. This includes user research, service and interaction design, business analysts and developers.

How we meet the Service Standard

As a content design profession, we agree to:

We follow government guidance

As a starting point, we use:

We also follow DfE guidance

We use DfE specific guidance when considering things like tone of voice, specific styles and how to publish in DfE.

Some of the following guidance links go to the DfE intranet. If you do not have access to DfE intranet, ask a colleague with access to get the information for you.

How to communicate (opens intranet in new tab) explains how we communicate, it includes:

  • working with strategic and digital communications teams
  • brand guidelines, including guidance on images and videos and document templates
  • DfE style guide
  • how to publish on GOV.UK
  • how to produce content for different channels, such as our blogs or presentation for internal and external use
  • make your content accessible (opens intranet in new tab)

We use the DfE content strategy (opens intranet in new tab) template, which should form the basis of individual product and service strategies.

Updated: January 2023

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